Who we serve

Who we serve


Commercial Landscaping Services

Make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients. High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety and can help lower your water bill.

Commercial landscaping gives you the opportunity to professionalise your lease space.

A well-maintained commercial property with vibrant landscaping, demonstrating the value of professional landscaping services


Education Landscaping

Holland Landscaping’s campus landscape design and maintenance helps to positively affect the education and lives of students and faculty across the country.

Providing attractive and safe grounds creates a positive work and leisure environment young students.

A picture of college students sitting on grass, surrounded by well-maintained landscaping, highlighting the advantages of incorporating nature in education


Healthcare Landscaping

Holland landscaping designs provide a relaxing and enticing outdoor environment that can aid the healing process.

Preserving natural beauty tandem with a watchful eye on safety, Holland Landscaping maintenance can ensure pathways remain free of debris and dead trees, creating the safest of environments for patients

Demonstrating the benefits of thoughtfully designed landscaping, a hospice nurse supports an elderly man in a wheelchair within well-kept outdoor healthcare areas.



Professional landscape design for hotels and theme parks create an enticing andsafe environment that will have patrons returning for more.

Simple but effective landscape design can go a long way to enhancing your property and making it more attractive to potential guests.

A picturesque hospitality venue with landscaped gardens, featuring white tables adorned with yellow roses, set for an elegant wedding dinner.



Holland landscaping can help create attractive and tranquil grounds coupled with efficient and effective operating practices.

Holland Landscaping provides professional landscaping to cemeteries, funeral homes, and places of worship across the country.

A picturesque graveyard featuring meticulously arranged headstones amidst a serene landscape of lush gardens and tree-lined pathways.



Holland Landscaping’s design and maintenance teams are experts in creating beautiful residential landscapes that make you feel at home.

Not only can we help transform your property with stunning designs, but Holland Landscaping teams also prioritise safety, all while increasing your property value

An elegant portrayal of a residential landscaping, showing a meticulously landscaped garden and lawns.


Retail Landscaping

Promoting your storefront goes so much further than great merchandising.

Holland Landscaping can help create safe and attractive storefronts which elevate the shopping experience and leaves customers satisfied and more likely to return for more.

A captivating view of the shopping district reveals a beautifully landscaped area with an abundance of plants
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