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Water Management and Irrigation Services

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Reduced Irrigation Water Usage

Make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients. High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability, and can help lower your water bill.

Water Usage Analysis & Irrigation Management

Commercial landscaping gives you the opportunity to professionalise your lease space and really take it to the next level. Projecting a more professional image through some expert landscaping, will allow you to attract more A-class tenants and retain existing leases, all while increasing the value of your commercial lease

Whether looking to reduce water for residential properties or larger commercial campuses, a detailed water analysis by Holland’s teams can typically result in a 15-20% reduction in water usage. Holland’s water management analysis has become a crucial part to many property manager’s annual budgeting and cost reduction strategy.

When working with Holland Landscaping a water management analysis begins with acomprehensive water audit. This includes an in depth collection of water consumption dataaswell as an overview of how staff and technology is utilised on your property.Holland takes this
data and provides you with a water reduction plan which effectively saves on water and savesyou money

Holland utilises the latest technology when it comes to our water monitoring systems. Holland plans in advance to adjust water usage for seasonal weather trends. Our many years of experience means we can identify challenges and opportunities within landscaping projects which reduce overall water usage

Landscape Design, Installation and Irrigation Services

Landscape design service & consultancy Auckland. We offer a number of special Construction or Enhancement services. These range from paving, fencing, irrigation, retaining walls to vertical and roof gardens right though to a full landscape design service and consultancy. don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk to us.

With Auckland’s water crisis worsening over recent years, rainwater harvesting has become a smart and environmentally responsible choice. Rain water retention means you have greater options when restrictions are placed on water usage in your area. Some water tanks can even help to reduce the cost of water indoors by making use of grey or waste water. Water conservation is an integrated part of good landscaping practices and has always been important to Holland landscaping. Rainwater retention and water storage will most likely become increasingly important in the years to come and is not only going to save you money but also helps achieve environmental and sustainability goals.

Having an impressive industrial park landscape design is one way you can ensure the retention of long-term tenants. A professionally landscaped industrial park helps the facility stand out from the crowd and encourages economic growth of the entire community. Visitors will come for the business at first but stay for the environment created by the atmospheric landscape design.

Sustainability is becoming one of the buzzwords of the decade and professional industrial park landscape can help make a step in the right direction. Holland Landscaping utilises a combination reclaimed water and drought-tolerant plants and mulch to significantly reduce the amount of water used on industrial park landscaping.

Holland Landscaping teams are sure to take into account any and all local conditions that may affect water consumption. Holland can help select plants which suit local weather conditions and reduce on watering costs. Selective use of turf and mulching helps enhance your landscape while also providing a number of benefits such as cooling andpreventing soil erosion

Our expert teams incorporate intuitive irrigation designs that allow you to retain a high level of curb appeal for your property. While our teams always take aesthetics into consideration, much work is also put into proper soil preparation, research of seasonal weather patterns, plant resilience, and grouping landscape plants accordingly so that water usage and the impact of the sun can be applied effectively.

Holland Landscaping’s utilises a selection of smart irrigation technology which play a major role in minimizing water consumption as well as reducing costs. Proper irrigation not only saves water but significantly contributes deeper root growth and healthier, more tolerant plantings. All Holland’s irrigation techniques take into consideration the effects of local weather patterns and constantly looks for water retention systems which promote sustainable water practices.

Reduced Irrigation Water Usage

When trying to create an environment that inspires clients, beautiful campus landscape designs can go a long way. Commercial landscaping gives the opportunity to not only increase employee productivity but also set your company apart from the competition.

Holland’s focus on water management doesn’t start and finish with your landscaping project. Holland keeps a watchful eye on water management reports so we can always identify any issues or opportunities which can save on water consumption. Irrigation systems are also constantly subject to maintenance and inspection to seek out any leaks or problems.

Holland Landscaping’s constant and consistent landscape maintenance means that water consumption can be adjusted accordingly to help achieve consumption goals. Our landscaping techniques utilise the latest research to implement water reducing practices into our work. Drip irrigation instead of sprinklers on specific plantings can help significantly cut down on water consumption.

Holland always keeps one eye on weather patterns so that water usage can be adjusted accordingly and keep your landscape in top shape. Different plantings require differing levels of water to keep them in good condition. Trees and shrubs require deep watering but at a lower frequency than grass and turf. Holland utilises smart irrigation controllers, rain shut off devices and in ground moisture sensors to ensure plants are only watered when needed.

Water conservation is an integrated part of good landscaping practices and has always been important to Holland landscaping.

Let us implement water reducing practices into your business.

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