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Our Services



Taking pride in your landscape starts with a high-quality comprehensive maintenance plan. Holland takes great care in maintaining beautiful landscapes year-round, through all seasons and weather conditions.

A meticulously designed garden path adorned with vibrant plants and carefully placed rocks, offering a peaceful retreat



A professionally crafted landscape helps you to show off all your property has to offer. An expert landscape development team can help transform your landscape into something you can be proud of. With a minimum of fuss and a ‘get it done’ attitude, Holland Landscaping can help with any and all landscaping developments.

A picturesque landscaping development featuring a stunning wooden terrace adorned with garden furniture, nestled amidst lush greenery



Holland often utilises a combined design-build approach which saves money, speeds up delivery times, minimises surprises, and maximises your value for money.

Landscaping projects require significant investment in terms of resources and time.

A professional landscaping project design plan and drawing with intricate details and precise measurements.


Tree Care

Healthy trees can add up to 20% to the market value of your property.

Partnering with Holland means you get an experienced, safe, and locally orientated team of arborists to ensure trees planted by us stay thriving.

Expert arborist performing tree maintenance for top-notch landscaping services.


Tree Growing

Mature trees can increase the value of a property, have a low maintenance cost, and clean the air. Beyond these economic and environmental benefits they are great to look at and inspire those who walk onto your property.

Rows of young decorative trees in a nursery, ready for landscaping projects



Our nurseries at Holland Landscaping are located in South Auckland and the Waikato. We are open year-round to accommodate all your horticultural needs. Holland Landscaping makes a constant effort to expand and update our inventory to meet changing demands. Our nursery team is constantly planting to ensure that the needs of our clients can be met year-round.

Vibrant green seedling emerging from a seed nursery, showcasing selective growth for professional landscaping services.


Plant Hire

The presence of indoor plants is a great step for businesses hoping to achieve an inviting but also professional environment. Having some plants or greenery in work environments has also been linked to a variety of health benefits. Holland Landscaping offers a wide range of interior landscaping options that will enhance your workplace environment.

An elegant display of potted plants, enhancing the indoor environment with natural beauty.


Water Management

With expert analysis of water usage it is possible to reduce water costs by up to 15-20%. Holland’s expert teams can compare data from multiple sites to identify new methods and practices the reduce your overall water usage and eliminate waste.

A sprinkler irrigates a verdant lawn, keeping it healthy and vibrant.



New Zealand’s once pristine ecosystems have deteriorated over time due to a historic over – exploitation of our natural resources, poor understanding of our collective impact on the environment, and the introduction of weeds and
pests that erode our forest habitats. Holland Landscaping can help restore parts of the original magic which we all love about this country we call home.

The important role of honey bees in restoring ecology, as seen in this image of a bee on a Manuka flower collecting pollen and nectar.
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