Retail Landscaping Services

Retail Landscaping Services

Promoting your storefront goes so much further than great merchandising. Holland Landscaping can help create safe and attractive storefronts which elevate the shopping experience and leaves customers satisfied and more likely to return for more.  

Shopping Malls

A professional landscaping design helps create a shopping experience that attracts new customers and keeps existing customers coming back for more. Professionally executed landscaping not only gives a great first impression to customers, but helps draw attention to branding and signage.

Retailers across New Zealand are constantly competing with one another but also struggle against the convenience of online shopping. Professional landscaping designs are just one
small change that can make a big difference. Expert landscaping designs can help create a lasting first impression as well as draw in shoppers with impressive displays. Holland Landscaping’s year round maintenance also significantly contributes to your brands sparkling image.

Our business driven approach means that we have your best interests at mind when we offer flexible scheduling to ensure your peak business hours remain uninterrupted .

Events are a perfect opportunity to show off what your business can offer. Holland Landscaping is there to help prepare your landscape for increased crowds and help with any post-event repairs that may have resulted from the rush of customers.

For Holland Landscaping, flower plantings, trees, and maintenance are just the beginning. Our professional teams incorporate creative designs that draw attention to seasonal colours and help to elevate your storefront. Our approach will help make your shopping mall an enticing and enjoyable day out year-round.

Customer safety is often at the top of a long list of priorities and a focus on professional landscaping design and maintenance can help reduce the risk of accident and injury. Holland Landscaping ensures that your property is safe by constantly clearing debris, drawing attention to signage, and clearing low hanging or dangerous vegetation.

The Holland Landscaping team is here to cooperate and hopefully take the pressure off shopping mall management by utilising expertise and customer feedback. Using sustainable initiatives and cost effective enhancements to meet all your landscaping needs

Malls and Shopping Centers

Malls are quickly becoming a destination to indulge in amenities such as restaurants, beer gardens, and even spa treatments. Given the wide variety of services being offered, professional landscaping design allows each area to serve its own individual aesthetic and increase the appeal of the shopping centre overall.

Our year-long professional landscape maintenance ensures that your shopping centre or mall is looking impeccable year round. Our respectful and well-trained crews also ensure to minimize their presence during peak shopping hours. A constant eye on landscape maintenance also means a constant eye on safety. Holland Landscaping maintenance ensures that walkways and driveways are kept clear of any debris, reducing your overall risk to customers.

Malls in New Zealand are developing into high end socialising areas to wine and dine or enjoy local amenities. Professional landscaping plays a large role in making sure your business keeps up with the high-quality aesthetic.

Holland Landscaping crews are expertly trained to assess your property for risk areas with landscaping solutions. Intuitive landscaping design can help draw attention to important signage. Constant maintenance ensures that your business is kept safe with the removal of dead trees, dangerous overhanging branches, and any other debris that may be obstructing walkways.

Holland Landscaping will always work in tandem with your schedule. Flexibility ensures that our maintenance crews are working during your off-peak hours.

Holland Landscaping goes beyond regular landscaping techniques to ensure the perfect aesthetic for your shopping centre. By utilising creative designs and eye-catching seasonal landscaping displays, Holland Landscaping can improve the effectiveness of your storefront decorations, and help attract new customers to your business.

Holland Landscaping aims to build a productive partnership with you and your business which will help our crews work with your feedback in mind. Our constant focus on sustainability means we can offer cost effective property enhancements which can save on water and help project your clean green image.

Holland Landscaping works with a group of well-trained employees in addition to a number of highly vetted subcontractors. This gives us the power to cover multi-site shopping centres and multi property management with ease. Our team are consistent both in the field and in the office meaning we offer predictable budgeting and cost reductions on market prices.

Banks and Financial Institutions

With a large national footprint and experience of working with many of the top re tail banking institutions in New Zealand, Holland Landscaping has the expertise, equipment, and cutting edge technology to ensure your property’s landscape design helps drive business.

Banks and other financial institutions must convey an image of trust to their customers. The projection of this image starts from outside branch locations. Neat, tidy, and above all, professional landscaping are crucial in showing your clients that you mean business. This is where Holland Landscaping can be of great help. With years of experience working with some of the top financial institutions across New Zealand, you can rest assured that we have the expertise, equipment, staff, and technology to project an image of trust and confidence to customers.

Holland Landscaping utilises technology to ensure that operations run smoothly and real time updates are relayed to our teams when necessary. A focus on bringing modern technology to landscaping means you can rest assured knowing that Holland collects real time data and gives you access to a 24/7 landscape support system.

From the basics like trees, shrubs, and flower beds to more unique and extravagant designs, Holland Landscaping can ensure that your business remains attractive and relevant throughout the year. General maintenance such as the clearing of debris and dead trees also ensures a professional and safety-orientated image.

Holland Landscaping is expertly equipped to deal with all your landscaping needs, whether it be your national headquarters, or any of your branches across the country. Our team have years of landscaping experience and are well-trained to deal with unique environmental challenges, no matter where your property might be. Holland Landscaping understands that your landscaping needs can change from day to day and landscaping emergencies do happen. That’s why Holland uses a dedicated national account manager to avoid any confusion in these time-sensitive moments.

Keeping your customers safe is always a top priority. Simple but effective landscaping design and maintenance draws attention to important roadside signage, keeps debris off walkways, and ensures that your customers do not encounter any hazards on your property. Holland Landscaping offers regular maintenance programs which proactively tackle risk areas on your property. Our teams will also let you know if there are any other small changes that can make your property safer.

Holland Landscaping’s professional approach means our prices remain steady and predictable, and our strong foothold in the market means cost savings are always a possibility. Our continued use of sustainable landscaping practices means your business saves money and does its little bit for the environment.

Lifestyle Centres & Mixed - Usage

Harness the power of a well - designed outdoor environment with well - crafted seating areas, eye catching plantings, and stunning water features. Holland Landscaping year - round maintenance also ensures that walkways and parking spaces are easy to navigate and safe for customers. Holland Landscaping’s years of experience means we can make your landscaping visions come to life quickly and affordably.

Having an impressive industrial park landscape design is one way you can ensure the retention of long-term tenants. A professionally landscaped industrial park helps the facility stand out from the crowd and encourages economic growth of the entire community. Visitors will come for the business at first but stay for the environment created by the atmospheric landscape design.

Holland Landscaping employee actively involved in tending to a garden

Our professional landscaping teams are familiar working with local and chain stores, retail centres, malls, and mixed use town centres.

Let our teams help create a lasting shopping experience, all while increasing overall property value.

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