Holland Landscaping’s design and maintenance teams are experts in creating beautiful residential landscapes that make you feel at home. Not only can we help transform your property with stunning designs, but Holland Landscaping teams also prioritise safety, all while increasing your property value.

Landscaping for Residential Communities

Holland Landscaping designs create inviting residential environments which prioritise natural beauty. Homeowners and homeowner associations rely on Holland’s extensive maintenance system to ensure cost - effective support when dealing with damage resulting from storms or other weather events. Our landscaping teams have years of experience working with all kinds of residential properties, dealing with simple requests such as lawn care , to more advanced and extravagant landscape design.

Holland Landscaping works closely with homeowner associations across the country to design and maintain stunning landscapes which attract prospective residents, all while keeping current residents happy. Professional landscape design builds aesthetic appeal to single family homes and town houses , while continued maintenance keeps a close eye on safety.

Holland Landscaping has a long history of providing quality landscaping services to homeowners across New Zealand. It is this experience and foothold within the industry that allows us to offer efficient and cost effective service. Our lower coupled with sustainable water saving practices can help save on costs year round.

Professional landscape designthathighlightswalkways, gardens, and areas for quietreflection, offer a great deal to residents.Holland’s crews alsotake great care inmaking this serenity part of their work. Crews work with homeowners associations to ensure that loud parts of the operation take place during the most convenient time possiblef or residents

An enticing professional landscaping design can be used to attract realtors and prospective homeowners. Simple but effective landscaping designs instantly increase the curb appeal of your properties. Effective design coupled with Holland’s year-round maintenance keeps your property portfolio looking fashionable and presentable.

With drought and water shortages now becoming a regular in news headlines across New Zealand, Holland is committed to sustainable practices which help you save water in the long run. Strategic plantings and intuitive irrigation systems are just some of the sustainable initiatives Holland Landscaping uses in its practices.

Residential areas are often a mishmash of walkways, driveways, and parking spaces, all of which can become hazardous when left unmaintained. Holland Landscaping puts safety first when it comes to landscape design, but Hollands maintenance teams keep your properties safe year-round. Keeping a close eye on weather patterns, means Holland’s maintenance teams are quick to respond after storms to remove dead trees and other fallen debris, reducing risk to any residents.

Holland Landscaping has years of experience breathing new life into old landscapes, as well as maintaining existing landscapes. Simple landscaping practices such as lawncare and professional drainage can significantly boost the curb appeal of a property and reduce water usage. Holland landscaping combines all elements of landscaping design and maintenance to make your property more desirable to potential tenants.

Apartment Building Landscaping

An impressive landscape design not only contributes significantly to attracting new tenants but also to keeping existing ones. An eye catching and flowing outdoor environment helps to build a sense of community within an apartment complex. While boosting your brand image, continued landscaping maintenance also increases property value

Professional landscaping design for apartment buildings creates open spaces of relaxation for tenants to enjoy. Holland Landscaping’s maintenance teams also operate year - round to ensure that walkways are kept clear of fallen branches and other potentially hazardous debris , reducing liability. We also offer a proactive approach and will alert you to any potentially hazardous issues that could be resolved through professional landscape design.

Holland Landscaping works closely with property managers to ensure along-term vision which ultimately translates into increased property values. This vision will take hold while we take care of our regular landscaping duties like keeping clear pathways and perfectly manicured flower beds.

The comfort of your tenants is our top priority. This is why Holland provides flexible landscaping scheduling to allow for minimal disruption in your apartment complex. We work together with you and homeowner associations to make sure everyone is kept happy and comfortable.

Having a beautifully designed and excellently maintained commercial campus landscape, shows your employees that you really care about them and their mental wellbeing. Giving your employees the perfect place to take a break and relax means they will be more productive when they get back to work. Expert landscaping also breeds creativity and encourages your employees to collaborate in the free-flowing outdoor areas you provide.

High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability , and can help lower your water bill

Let us make sure your property looks stunning

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