Religious Landscaping

Holland landscaping can help create attractive and tranquil grounds coupled with efficient and effective operating practices. Holland Landscaping provides professional landscaping to cemeteries, funeral homes, and places of worship across the country.


Visiting loved ones can often be an emotional experience. Having a peaceful and welcoming landscape can help put visitors at ease when visiting loved ones. Holland Landscaping combines grass beds, trees, and beautiful floral arrangements to create a soothing environment for visitors.

Holland Landscaping’s position as a well established firm in New Zealand allows for strong purchasing power and the ability to offer savings of up to15 to 30% on inhouse operations.

Hollandlandscapingcan always adjust and add staff to meet holiday period demandsor to deal with inclement weather conditions. Our professional landscaping team offers timely completion of ] maintenance throughout the year, keeping your landscapes in peak condition and prioritising safety.

Our cemetery landscaping crews work in tandem with our horticulturists and production specialists to ensure that Holland remains on top of industry leading practices.

Our cemetery  improve your properties landscape design. We routinely perform quality site assessments to see what can be done to improve design or fix existing problems before they develop into lasting issues.

Places of Worship

We help create appealing and relaxing grounds which contribute to giving visitors the right frame of mind to engage in worship. Holland Landscaping crews are empathetic to visitors and understand and respect the importance of spaces of worship.

A long track record in meeting landscaping needs for places of worship means we have the skills to meet you landscaping aspirations.

Our thoroughly researched and refined operating practices means we can often offer savings of 15 to 30% on in house maintenance.

With consistent monitoring and fast effective solutions to landscaping problems, Holland can ensure an effective and proactive service

Holland Landscaping can ensure that grounds are ready and prepared for ceremonies and equipment noise will not interrupt special moments.

High quality landscape design and consistent maintenance ensure that your property remains safe at all times.

Holland Landscaping teams work hard to make sure that your grounds reflect how much you care about your visitors. Our expert design and maintenance preserves natural beauty and creates the welcoming experience you want to provide.

High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability , and can help lower your water bill

Let is make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients.

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