Our Nursery Division

Holland Landscaping established its very own wholesale nurseries

Products we supply

We are a national wholesale nursery dedicated to growing high-quality plants

Contract growing

Contract growing for plants means that you get a high-quality plant product.

Our nurseries at Holland Landscaping are located in South Auckland and the Waikato. We are open year-round to accommodate all your horticultural needs. Holland Landscaping makes a constant effort to expand and update our inventory to meet changing demands. 

Our Nursery Division

In order to ensure high quality products , Holland Landscaping established its very own wholesale nurseries in South Auckland and the Waikato. This gives Holland the ability to tackle larger landscaping and ecological restoration projects , but also keeps us prepared for higher demand in the future. Our nurseries are experiences in growing plants from seed, seedlings, or from cuttings. Our plants are grown in Holland’s self-made growing mixes which are produced on site and gives our plants the best possible environment to be nurtured and flourish over time. Over our many years in the industry ,Holland has forged long term relationships with suppliers, ensuring that we get the pick of the crop

Contract growing

Contract growing for plants means that you get a high-quality plant product that meets all your requirements and most importantly is delivered in a timely manner. Working with Holland Landscaping as your grower allows you to pinpoint a delivery date that works for you. Working with Holland also means you can count on cost-effective solutions that work within your budget, making sure your long term project stays in shape from beginning to end. This will also help create a sense of uniformity in your landscaping project which is essential to a stunning finished product. At Holland we use eco sourcing when harvesting seeds from local vegetation. This means we can replant in the same ecological areas, ensuring eco stability and sustained biodiversity.

Custom growing contracts with Holland Landscaping are becoming increasingly popular with large property owners, developers, councils, and civil contractors. Contract growing allows Holland to ensure availability, steady pricing, and high-quality products throughout the year. Beyond promising timely delivery, contract growing allows landscape designers to pre-select specific trees, shrubs, and plants, incorporating them into the design from the start, helping you with uniformity and cost effectiveness

Products we supply

We are a national wholesale nursery dedicated to growing exceptionally high - quality trees, shrubs, and plants. We of course can’t forget our self - developed instant hedges, screens and trees. Holland Landscaping boasts full propagation facilities which allow us to maintain the highest possible quality of liner stock. We also provide easy customization of your order, be it regular stock items, or contract growing. With acres of growing space, Holland has the capability to produce some of the finest plant and landscaping material in New Zealand, and we pride ourselves on being able to bring that level of quality into all our landscaping services.

Our nursery team at Holland Landscaping plants for our landscaping division but we also contract grows plants for large projects which ensures stock will always be there when needed. At Holland we contract grow for our affiliated contractors and colleague landscapers. We also grow native New Zealand plants from seed or eco sourced areas to assist our ecological restoration division.

Planting an instant hedge immediately transforms any garden, adding a sense of intimate maturity while simultaneously bypassing years of growing. From providing instant privacy as well as adding a touch of class to garden settings, instant hedges are the perfect option to attain these dreams with a minimum of fuss.

Holland Landscaping started Instant Hedges to bring the wonders of instant horticultural techniques to New Zealand. Traditionally, installing a clean and tidy square hedge required years of careful nurturing and hard work, but Instant Hedges provide instant, attractive looking privacy in a fraction of the time.

Holland Landscaping’s instant landscaping products were inspired by their roots in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is 1/7 the size of New Zealand with4 times as many people, making the demand for privacy in densely populated areas a fixture of the landscaping industry. Holland’s wide range of instant landscaping products made sure to bring this stunning innovation to the shores of New Zealand.

Holland Landscaping cultivated thousands of plants to create lush pre-formed hedges and screens instead of planting individual plants for hedges.

Holland’s experienced growing teams grow our trees sideways, on stilts, as mop tops, and block shaped. The sky is the limit when it comes to our Instant designs. We achieve these shapes using a variety of techniques including custom wire made frames, which allows us to grow the tree to support itself in whichever shape is required.

Growing trees in this way originated in Europe around the 17thCenturyand that popularity has continued through to today. Commonly known as ‘pleaching’ or ‘espalier’ this technique is still used widely around Europe especially in small streetscapes and farms, where small gardens are considered the norm. In Europe’s tight nit streets these hedges provide the perfect amount of privacy from the neighbours and are now working their way into New Zealand’s cityscapes.

Our wholesale nurseries are suppliers of high-quality specimen trees in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a landscape professional, local council, land developer, or civil contractor, our team of experiences horticulturists are always on hand to provide expert personalised service and advice.

Holland Landscaping is committed to growing NZ’s wide range of native plantsthatare critical to maintaining our beautiful and biodiverse natural ecosystems. Since 1998 we have had the privilege of providing civil contractors, lifestyle blocks, landscapers, and other contractors throughout New Zealand with a wide range of high-quality native plant and tree species. horticulturists are always on hand to provide expert personalised service and advice.

Our nursery team is constantly planting to ensure that the needs of our clients can be met year-round.

Let us make sure that you get the pick of the crop.

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