Healthcare Landscaping

Healthcare Landcaping

Holland landscaping designs provide a relaxing and enticing outdoor environment that can aid the healing process. Preserving natural beauty in tandem with a watchful eye on safety, Holland Landscaping maintenance can ensure pathways remain free of debris and dead trees, creating the safest of environments for patients.

Landscaping for Hospitals & Medical Complexes

Beautiful expansive gardens for familie s and patients can ensure an environment that aids the healing process and puts family members at ease. Holland Landscaping’s year - round maintenance also ensures full accessibility for the disabled or injured

Beautifully crafted and designed common areas help create a positive atmosphere for staff, patients, and visitors. An institutions image can be hugely impacted by implementing professional landscaping design and can help boost the overall feel of the community around it.

A professionally designed and maintained landscape reduces the risk for patients, visitors and staff and increases accessibility for wheelchairs. Holland Landscaping design and maintenance keeps hospitals and their walkways clear of debris such as dead trees, contributing significantly to reducing liability

Holland Landscaping constantly has one eye on the environment. We are well adept at utilising drought-tolerant plants and mulch in combination with reclaimed water systems to help limit water usage.

Professional landscaping design from Holland Landscaping can help save you money. We always consider creative landscaping solutions which can result in cost savings. We thoroughly consider the placement of all our vegetation and landscape designs, which can help shade buildings leading to reductions in air conditioning costs. Holland Landscaping can also ensure a well-maintained irrigation system which will help save you money overtime.

Hospitals can often be a stressful environment for doctors, patients, and family members. Holland Landscaping can provide water features, lush green spaces, and healing gardens which provide a tranquil experience for patients and a relaxing escape for doctors. Studies also suggest that expert hospital landscape design can help accelerate patients’ healing from surgery, while simultaneously helping doctors relax on their breaks, aiding their focus in critical moments.

Landscaping for Long - Term Care Facilities

Long term care facilities excel when accompanied with beautiful professionally designed landscapes. Holland Landscaping can provide expansive, vibrant, and above all else, safe environments for those in long term care.

A high-quality landscape helps to show that you care about the environment in which your residents live their lives. Making a good first impression is essential and landscape design is crucial to attracting new residents and welcoming them into their new home.

Holland Landscaping can provide in-depth assessments which streamline our approach to the landscaping process and provide you with cost savings. Our strategic approach coupled with our position as a well-established landscaping firm in New Zealand gives great purchasing power and further reduces maintenance costs.

Creative landscaping initiatives such as tranquil gardens and lush green areas can provide a peaceful sanctuary for residents and families. The addition of water features only help add to the serene appeal of the environment, contributing to the mental and physical health of residents and staff.

Holland Landscaping design and maintenance constantly contribute to the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Monitoring weather patterns is part of the service we provide when ensuring that walkways and driveways remain clear of dead trees and debris. A proactive approach to keeping your facility safe will help reduce the risk of any compensation costs and save you money in the long term.

Beautifully crafted landscape design can significantly increase the possibility of retaining staff long term. Relaxing outdoor spaces are essential for relieving stress. When encountering stress, research shows that 66% of people are more likely to retreat to a natural setting. Another study showed that 95%of participants who were experiencing stress or anxiety symptoms, were affected positively following a short period in an engaging outdoor setting.

Holland Landscaping is committed to sustainable landscaping practices. Composting plant materials and intuitive irrigation systems help to push you towards your sustainability goals and project a sustainable image to potential residents. Holland Landscaping can ensure the recognition of a Green Star rating, an internationally recognised sustainability rating system.

A uniquely beautiful landscape design can help make your facility stand out from the rest and significantly contribute to resident and staff well-being

Let us make sure that your healthcare facility provides a relaxing and enticing outdoor environment.

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