Educational Landscaping Services

Education Landscaping Services

Holland Landscaping’s campus landscape design and maintenance helps to positively affect the education and lives of students and faculty across the country.

Colleges & Universities

Professional landscaping design on your campus will help secure new undergraduate students and increase post - graduate retention. Holland landscaping can provide cost efficient expert landscape design and maintenance to any higher education campus.

A striking campus can play a significant role in influencing students to enrol in your facility. A beautiful campus not only supports learning as it also encourages student wellbeing

Campus appearance is one of the most influential aspects of a student’s enrolment decision. 62% of potential students say campus appearance had the biggest impact on their decision to enrol. Holland landscaping design will help keep your students at ease during their study. Utilising specialised sports ground experts will help keep your sports fields in excellent  conditions.

Student safety is obviously a top priority. Holland landscaping and maintenance keeps footpaths and parking areas clear of debris, dead trees, and any other potentially hazardous obstructions

Holland landscaping recognises the importance of schools and universities keeping a strong balance sheet. As an established landscaping company for some time, Holland Landscaping can put strong purchasing power to great effect, lowering costs for government and privately funded schools alike.

Primary | Intermediate | Secondary

Providing attractive and safe grounds for students creates a positive work and leisure environment for young students. Beautifully lush grounds are often key to a child’s education and play a crucial role when parents search for the best education environment

Holland Landscaping can help create and maintain lush athletic fields. Sports facilities are among the most important aspects that parents take into consideration when choosing a suitable education for their children

First impressions stay at the forefront of prospective student minds and hugely influence their enrolment decision.  lasting first impression with professional landscape design which entices potential student sand attract stop class staff.

Student and faculty safety is constantly a top priority. Holland Landscaping will help keep shared roads and footpaths safe for pedestrians and drivers. Avoid costly injuries by reducing liability with intuitive landscape design and maintenance.

Holland landscaping can help reduce landscape maintenance costs. As a well-established professional landscaping company in New Zealand, Holland utilises specialty equipment to maintain your campus. This coupled with strong purchasing power can help reduceyour overall maintenance bill.

High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability , and can help lower your water bill

Let is make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients.

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