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A professionally crafted landscape helps you to show off all your property has to offer. An expert landscape development team can help transform your landscape into something you can be proud of. With a minimum of fuss and a ‘get it done’ attitude, Holland Landscaping can help with any and all landscaping developments.

Landscape Construction

From hardscapes to softscapes, Holland Landscaping’s professional approach means you can be confident that our expert team and well developed process can deliver stellar results for your professional landscaping project

At Holland we put a diverse range of experts to workto ensure a well rounded completion ofprojects. From stonemasons to horticulturists, Holland Landscaping has all the expertisenecessaryto ensure we meet or even exceed your landscaping expectations. We keep our team up to date on the latest landscaping techniques and safety equipment to allow for a seamless realisation of your landscaping vision.

As an experienced contractor, Holland landscaping is able to approach landscaping decisions on multiple fronts with a wide range of experts. This allows us to work in a number of capacities including managing projects, general contracting, design-build contracting, or subcontracting.

Every landscaping project starts by acquiring an array of high-quality plants, many of which wegrow ourselves inpurpose-builtnurseries. If the exact plants that are required aren’t available inour nurseries, wealso boast an extensive network of affiliated nurseries to source from. Thisensures a smoother project delivery and cost savings

Hardscaping entails the instillation and integration of decks, patios, gazebos, pathways, and other structures into an outdoor space. Holland Landscaping is experienced in integrating these landscaping staples into any environment to help improve visitor and traffic safety.

Water features add dynamic motion and a touch of class to any environment. Holland’s vast array of expert teams will address any and all technical challenges of bringing water and power to your desired water features. Whether you want a high impact fountain to steal the show, or a simple waterfall or pond, Holland can ensure aesthetically pleasing results coupled with a safe and seamless installation process.

Integrating a pool into your landscape design can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure. However, Holland’s dedicated team take the pressure off by working with your architects to ensure a seamless process. Our wide range of professionals includes craftsman, engineers and project managers who are fully committed to maintaining the high professional standards that our clients associate with the Holland name. We will work closely with you to turn your dreams into a reality and keep you informed every step along the way. Our design specialists create pulls that add value to your property in the most seamless way possible.

At Holland we love to play. As a matter off act, we are experts in play because we understand how important it is in the development of our children. Through our network of playground experts, we at Holland offer the widest knowledge base of playground related advantages and challenges in the country. Playgrounds must be safe for our children, but part of what makes an activity fun, is the thrill of doing something that seems just a little bit dangerous. So how do you make playgrounds that thrill children safely? Holland builds fully compliant and safe playgrounds that pass European, American and Australian safety standards. Holland recognises that safe play encourages social interaction and improves communication skills. It helps to develop coordination and motor skills for later on in life. Play is fun, enjoyable and relaxing. It teaches our kids to express themselves while also releasing energy & stress. It encourages our kids take calculated risks which present rewards of exploration, discovery and imagination.

Design Build

Holland Landscaping utilises an integrated approach across many departments to ensure a seamless process . A combined design - build process means the pre - construction team are always in the loop of the design process, allowing for better control, timeline estimation, and cost savings

Holland Landscaping’s integrated design-build approach ensures a seamless and effortless project delivery. Utilising pre-construction concepts and moulding them into the design process means you benefit from improved estimates, better cost control, and smoother project completion.

Our professional project management approach allows our teams to stay on time and on budget. This seamless interaction means you also have clearer visibility on where your project is going and how it is going to move into the final product.

Combining design and build aspects for an entire landscaping project helps the Holland team to identify crucial aspects in the design and realisation of your project. This knowledge then guides our teams through out the creation process.

Holland’s full landscape development services means you can track your vision from its first conception to final product. It also allows you to keep a tighter grip on the cost of your project and allow for fewer nasty surprises along the way.

When developing along-or short-term landscaping project, clarity among all parties is crucial. Holland’s streamlined and practiced approach means you worry less and the administration burden is reduced for all parties involved

Project Management

Holland’s years of experience and seamless coordination saves you money and time. Holland’s experiences team of horticultural experts can help develop creative solutions that suit y our landscaping needs.

Our project management team will work closely with you to define the milestone and important steps in the timeline to completing your project on time and to a high standard. Holland’s team provides a weekly progress update, allowing for complete transparency in the construction process. This means you can keep updated on costs as well as important progressions in the project. Holland’s rigorous planning ensures you are kept in the loop for every key decision, ensuring an end result that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our project management team always makes sure to stay on top of what resources are needed where. This extends to personnel as well, ensuring that designers, surveyors, and irrigation experts are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Extensive proactive planning from Holland means that the right tools, materials and equipment are onsite when you need them. Precision timing ensures that plants, trees and shrubs can stay healthy during the development process.

Permits and paperwork are a hassle which Holland is more than happy to take care of for you, ensuring your project stays within the laws and regulations of your local government.

What takes a landscaping project to the next level is the attention given to all the tiny little details. Holland Landscaping ensures painstaking attention to detail throughout the development process, resulting in a faultless final product.

Working closely with our pre-construction and estimating team means you are helped and guided throughout the landscaping development process. This ensures that the best, most informed decisions are being made every step along the way. We can give you estimates throughout the concept phase which means you can save money in the long run.

Digger for landscaping development

High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability , and can help lower your water bill

Take your outdoor space to the next level with our professional landscaping development.

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