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Commercial Landscaping Services

Make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients. High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability, and can help lower your water bill.

Commercial Landscape Design for Offices

Commercial landscaping gives you the opportunity to professionalise your lease space and really take it to the next level. Projecting a more professional image through some expert landscaping, will allow you to attract more A-class tenants and retain existing leases, all while increasing the value of your commercial lease

Attracting and retaining top class tenants requires a constant focus on commercial landscape design. Stunning rooftop gardens, outdoor gathering areas and colourful seasonal displays help enhance signage while also building an upbeat and professional environment. An attractive office landscape design will not only improve its image to attract clients but also convince them to stay for longer

Commercial building landscaping accounts for up to 22% of commercial facility water usage. Holland Landscaping utilises a combination of drought-tolerant plants and mulch, along with well-maintained subsurface irrigation to curb water usage, resulting in significant cost savings. Water retention has become doubly important in recent years, especially in cities such as Auckland. Water restrictions come and go but will seemingly be a fixture of the future

A high quality commercial landscape design can help considerably curb risk on commercial properties , key to the success of any business. A well constructed and maintained landscape design will help improve traffic flow and visibility. A good design is the first step and consistent maintenance is the second, keeping pedestrians safe by clearing dead trees and branches, while simultaneously keeping parking lots and footpaths clear throughout the year

Enhance Industrial Parks with Landscape Design

Landscape design service & consultancy Auckland. We offer a number of special Construction or Enhancement services. These range from paving, fencing, irrigation, retaining walls to vertical and roof gardens right though to a full landscape design service and consultancy. don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk to us.

Having an impressive industrial park landscape design is one way you can ensure the retention of long-term tenants. A professionally landscaped industrial park helps the facility stand out from the crowd and encourages economic growth of the entire community. Visitors will come for the business at first but stay for the environment created by the atmospheric landscape design.

Sustainability is becoming one of the buzzwords of the decade and professional industrial park landscape can help make a step in the right direction. Holland Landscaping utilises a combination reclaimed water and drought-tolerant plants and mulch to significantly reduce the amount of water used on industrial park landscaping.

The days of hard to look at industrial parks are coming to an end. Industrial parks now make use of elegant tree-lined streets, medians and sidewalks which create a positive experience for visitors and clients

Signage is part of your brand. Holland Landscaping can help illuminate and draw attention to signage around your industrial park, simultaneously. improving safety and brand awareness

Limiting risk in an industrial park is essential to conducting productive business. Holland Landscaping can provide professional landscaping maintenance, keeping roads and footpaths clear of potentially hazardous dead trees and branches.

Commercial Landscaping for Business s Parks/Hub

When trying to create an environment that inspires clients, beautiful campus landscape designs can go a long way. Commercial landscaping gives the opportunity to not only increase employee productivity but also set your company apart from the competition.

You only get one shot at making a lasting first impression and it is essential to have a commercial landscaping design that will capture the attention of first time visitors and clients. Specimen trees and stunning gardens can help a property stand out and create a lasting memory for visitors or potential clients. High quality commercial landscaping can also incorporate irrigation systems which make use of ‘reclaimed’ water, for example water which has been caught from the roof of a building, helping to build your business image as sustainable and leaving a positive impression on visitors and clients alike.

Commercial campus landscape design and maintenance is essential to limiting risk on a property. Keeping areas clear of debris, dead trees and branches helps to create a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers. Allow for overall safer access to your commercial property with year round Holland Landscaping maintenance.

Having a beautifully designed and excellently maintained commercial campus landscape, shows your employees that you really care about them and their mental wellbeing. Giving your employees the perfect place to take a break and relax means they will be more productive when they get back to work. Expert landscaping also breeds creativity and encourages your employees to collaborate in the free-flowing outdoor areas you provide.

The Holland Landscaping Team is hard at work, expertly cutting the lawn and trimming the edges of the property.

High quality commercial landscaping not only gives a great first impression but also improves safety, reduces liability , and can help lower your water bill

Let is make sure your business looks the part to all your potential clients.

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