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We don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but Holland is one of the best places to work. If you’ve ever wanted to wake up, start your day, and then finish it all within the surroundings of nature, a career with Holland Landscaping could be for you.

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Working with us

At Holland Landscaping, we don’t just offer a job

We encourage our team members to look to the future and how they see themselves in 10 years. We want to just be there for this journey, we want to help our team members achieve their goals, whether they be landscaping related or otherwise.

Sick of a boring 9 - 5 desk job ?

Then a career with Holland may be for you. Even in our management positions you work close with nature and spend plenty of time outdoors away from your desk. You will also have the satisfaction of working for an industry leader that takes pride in every part of its landscaping prowess.

Working with us means that every day provides new scenery

You’ll become an invaluable member of our team as you work to solve client’s challenges and issues that change on a daily basis. Working with Holland means that at the end of the day you can look back at your work and even see its effects in your community every day.


If you are driven to innovate and hungry to work at the cutting edge of an industry , Holland may be a perfect match. Holland Landscaping has years of experience working at the very top of the landscaping industry and we’re always on the look out for leaders who can push us even further.

Working with Holland Landscaping means being in an ever changing colourful and supportive environment. Your ability to problem solve on the job will be highly valued and offers freedom from the monotony of your desk job.

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Landscape Services

Enjoy seeing the landscapes you create grow alongside your career. Working on our landscaping teams means you form lasting connections with clients and teammates. Working in new and exciting environments ensures that there is never a dull day.

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Constructions Services

From laying the first slabs of concrete to full completion of projects, our construction teams lead the way. Your strong management skills will play a crucial role in solving problems in the construction process and make you an invaluable member of the team.

Employee working on the landscape design


Working with Holland Landscaping as a designer means you can explore your creativity to your hearts content. From simple landscape design pieces to more advanced and intricate design - build projects, Holland offers you endless creative opportunity.

Landscaper with clipboard training apprentice.


Holland Landscaping also highly values its marketing, IT, HR, and finance teams. You’ll play the same crucial roles as those in the field, to pioneer, problem solve, and be at the cutting edge of an industry. Holland offers you many corporate opportunity.

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