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Our Company

Who We Are

Holland Landscaping takes pride and motivation out of the strong working relationships we have with our clients. We set out to achieve an unparalleled level of service that meets and even exceeds your expectations, letting the results speak for themselves.

Our teams are expertly trained and backed by the latest research and technology when undertaking landscaping projects. This means you benefit from the latest techniques in the hands of some of the best landscaping workers in the country.

The Holland Landscaping Team is hard at work, expertly cutting the lawn and trimming the edges of the property.

Company History

From modest beginnings back in 1981, Holland Landscaping has grown to be one of New Zealand’s successful Landscape Management Company–expanding our operations to meet the needs of our clients. Having started out as a small landscaping company in 1981, Holland understands the importance on customer service and still relies on close customer relationships to allow for the best work possible.

As a client of Holland Landscaping, you will benefit from the close personal service of our teams. A close working relationship ensures that you can communicate to us the exact landscaping vision you are after.

An unrelenting focus on customer service is what got us where we are today.

Our Staff

At Holland Landscaping our staff are given all the tools to carry out their work to the best of their abilities. Holland’s focus on the latest techniques and technologies means that our staff take pride in the work they are doing and impart this onto your landscaping vision.

With high standards and goals our teams are comfortable taking charge of your property landscape, aligning your interests with theirs and striving to achieve your landscaping goals together with calm and ease.

Our Leadership Team is committed to making Holland Landscaping the country’s premier commercial landscape service company


Holland Landscaping values our individual team members.At holland ifwe want to do something we want to do it right and to the highest possible standard. That is why we provide our teams with the latest training in landscaping techniques and keep their extensive equipment sets up to date with the latest in landscaping technology.


When performing professional landscaping tasks, safety is of the up most importance. Partnering with Holland means that there is no compromise on the safety of ours staff or members of the public when performing landscaping duties.

Environmental Social Responsibility

As a landscaping company that focuses on providing lush green spaces to our clients, the environmental impact of our practices is always a top concern. Under our Environmental Social Responsibilities (ESR) Management System your business will benefit from our principles of continuous improvement and innovation. 

We are constantly finding ways to improve our management systems to reduce our impact but also develop new environmentally friendly landscaping practices.

Quality Assured

At Holland Landscaping we make every effort to ensure you receive service and results of the highest level. Much of Holland’s quality comes from the fact that our staff take pride in the work they are doing and achieving it to an impeccable standard is what comes naturally to them. On top of this, Holland implements ongoing quality assurance programming undertaken on both our staff and contractors, ensuring that there is responsibility to all work every step of the way.

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